Guitarist/Artist Paul McArdle did not always envision himself becoming the musician he passionately believes he is today. It wasn’t until moving to a small town outside of Rochester, NY at the age of 15 where this passion came to life, providing direction and meaning to a time when he felt like a sojourner amongst his peers. Rediscovering his early exposure to jazz and popular music, his ears were opened at this time to the art of improvisation through the expression of the great blues and jazz artists, past and present. These experiences have and continue to build musical relationships within himself and others that have uncovered a dormant talent of the heart.


    Since this time, he has been fortunate to be placed amongst some of the region’s great talent, where he been able to continue this path of self-actualization and connection. As a session player with groups such as the New Jazz Chamber Ensemble Mr. Stumble, Neo-Soul Jazz Collective, The English Project, and radio-supported regional pop/rock group Axis Armada, he has had the opportunity to perform at respected venues throughout New York City, respected jazz festivals, and notable venues in Austin, TX.


    Along his journey as a musician, Paul has also developed a strong appreciation of spirituality its role in the support and formation of authentic musical expression. As an essential aspect of his development as a musician, his hope is to mirror to the community the wholesome and positive developments he has found throughout his journey as a contemplative guitarist. In response to this, he is now composing works for a new contemporary ensemble incorporating these themes, with a vision to support and create new initiatives within the Rochester community through mentor-based relationships, always with the intention to give back.


    Currently a passionate educator serving various roles from adjunct instructor to adaptive instructor working with students with disabilities, he continues to believe in the diversity and potential of the musical artist within each individual.


    Paul has studied through the Eastman School of Music’s Institute of Music Leadership. He has completed graduate work in Jazz Pedagogy at Capital University in Bexley, OH, and holds an undergraduate degree in Contemporary Composition and Production from SUNY Empire State College in Saratoga Springs, NY, as well as a certificate from the Berklee College of Music in Contemporary Guitar. His instrumental studies include work with Jim Petersen, as well as studying jazz guitar privately at the Eastman Community Music School with Bob Sneider and Steve Brown at Ithaca College. His primary mentors include educator and composer Dr. David McGuire, and performer/educator Geoffrey Smith, both current teachers at Finger Lakes Community College.




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