Guitarist/Artist, Composer/Producer Paul McArdle did not always envision himself becoming the musician he passionately believes he is today. It wasn’t until moving to a small town outside of Rochester, NY at the age of fifteen where this passion came to life, providing direction and meaning to a time when he felt like a sojourner amongst his peers.


    Rediscovering his early exposure to jazz and popular music, his ears were opened at this time to the art of improvisation through the expression of the great blues and jazz artists, past and present. These experiences have and continue to build musical relationships within himself and others that have uncovered a dormant talent of the heart.


    Since this time, he has been fortunate to be placed amongst some of the region’s great talent, where he has been able to continue this path of self-actualization and connection.


    Beginning with King Street Productions (First and Foremost) and the Mountain Mojo Authority (Dig), and continuing through with his jazz/rock compositional trio/quartet, Doja, his path continued as a session/collaborator with groups such as funk-soul outfit Funknut; progressive/jamrock band the Niche; New Jazz Chamber Ensemble Mr. Stumble; session work with Lisa Bigwood and Jo-Hannah Reynolds, performances with STARTISAN (formerly Streamline); Axis Armada; Neo-Soul Jazz Collective, The English Project; in addition to performances with Danielle Ponder; he has had the opportunity to perform at respected venues throughout the Northeast and beyond.


    To date, alongside his collaborative work, he has released two self-produced albums: DOJA, As Is (2008), and self-titled THE MIDDLE OF INFINITY (2017).




  • Photos

    At Lovin Cup

    With Funknut

    With the English Project

    With Danielle Ponder

    With DOJA playing Original Composition: RUBIX